The Art and Practice of Clairvoyance Hardcover – 1969 PDF

We are all sensitive. We are all clairvoyant. We all have experienced "hunches." It becomes a matter of paying attention to these hunches along with the desire to know what these hunches Really mean and how the Clairvoyant faculties work. The development of your extra-clairvoyant faculties is very desirable as an aid to
everyday living. Naturally, if you receive information from the Inner Planes which is not readily available to other people around you, you do have an advantage over them. However there is nothing to prevent them from developing their faculties also, which is often done when one person in a group starts to develop and Use his Clairvoyant faculties. This book does not teach prophecy for or about the future. The future is relatively fluid, except right up to the last "minute." Your Clairvoyant expressions will come mainly about the present and the existence of matters as they are of the moment or recent past. As a rule they don't go too far into the future. This book was written for one purpose only - to give the Occult student a clear, comprehensive picture of the Laws governing the acquirement of Clairvoyant faculties/functions Do depend upon certain definite Laws and basic Knowledge/Facts about the "structure" of the Inner Planes. Orphiel gives in this book All the basic knowledge required to understand and contact/use your Already Existing Psychic-Occult Powers.

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